Regulatory and Business Due Diligence Services

With our broad experience in the healthcare products industry worldwide, HTC is pleased to offer Due Diligence services.

Whether you are an investor or a potential buyer of a healthcare product manufacturer, it is essential that you minimize your business risks to their lowest possible level by having a clear understanding of what might be lurking in the regulatory, financial, and other business records. Our partners include regulatory and business attorneys, accountants and business experts that can help you manage this process.

Our Due Diligence Services balances all aspects of acquistions with audits of all major business areas to prevent risk of missed issues (e.g., regulatory, quality systems, compliance or environmental risks)  while focusing on other business aspects.

Healthcare products companies operate in an ever increasing regulated environments. HTC can assist you with Due Diligence or GAP Analysis processes whether you are considering:

● Product or complete company acquisitions
● Major Investments or joint ventures
 Initial importor or
exclusive distribution rights that could result in significant regulatory risks.

Other Business and Legal Needs

Business and Legal issues come in all shapes and sizes. HTC Legal is prepare to support your needs in a variety of actions that are specific to Healthcare manufacturers and Distributors. We are avaialble to work with your in-house counsel or external law firms that you may have.

Areas that we have provided support include: Consent Decrees, Application Integrity Policy, Fraud,  Seizures and others.